Friday, July 22, 2011

Slander and Backbit

"O you who believe! If a Fasiq person comes to you with news, verify it lest you harm people in ignorance." [AL-Hujurat : 6]

Assalamualaikum wbt to everyone. The topic that i want to share is about slander (fitna') and backbit (ghiba). I think that this issue is vital to the survival of our own ukhuwah islamiyyah and islam as the whole. Let's pray that we can avoid from these wrongful acts.

Gheebat (back-biting) has been defined thus: “It is saying on the back of a person something which would hurt him if he came to know of it. ” This definition has been reported from the Holy Prophet himself. 

According to a tradition which Muslim, Abu Da’ud, Tirmidhi, Nasa’i and others have related on the authority of Hadrat Abu Hurairah, the Holy Prophet defined Ghiba as follows:

“It is talking of your brother in a way irksome to him.” It was asked: “What, if the defect being talked of is present in my brother ?” The Holy Prophet replied: “If it is present in him, it would be Ghiba; if it is not there, it would be slandering him.”

Imam Shafi`ee said: "If a person wishes to say something then he should think before he starts talking. If there is good, then he should speak, otherwise he should not."

P/S : Attention to all sahabat and sahabiah, do not let those rumours and slanders destroy our ukhuwwah, our bond and make us weak and give up to continue the uphill struggle that initiated by Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions....

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